Glass – the material of architectural modernity

Manufacturing Glass Systems produces, imports and globally distributes glass supporting architectural systems both for interior and outdoor designs, continuously developing and integrating new concepts in terms of design and functionality for multiple destinations.

With an extensive stock and complex portfolio, MGS is the optimum choice for the majority of development projects in the field of glass construction, offering various solutions for homes, office buildings, residential complexes, hotels, terraces and swimming pools, museums, stadiums and airports.

Combining aesthetic details with functional characteristics provides to MGS systems ingenuity, quality and continuous innovation at competitive prices. Therefore you can enjoy the safety and flexibility without obstructing the transparency which transmits a feeling of enlarged space.

We help you get creative!

With a wide experience in this industry, production facilities and a trustworthy partnership, we globally represent a qualified partner for specialists in the field of architecture and design. Our passion for design and aesthetics provides a strong point for our clients projects.

We closely work with architects, designers and constructors for permanently creating and integrating new stylish and sustainable systems, constantly developing a way of thinking which is not constrained by current needs.

We are looking forward to learning about your needs!

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