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Customize your bathroom in a unique style

Shower cabins represent an important element in a bathroom. Being made considering the personal need of each person, they offer the ideal solution in order to optimize and customize the available space.

Unlike plastic shower cabins, where various problems may occur such as cracks, damage and leakage, an aspect which leads to the loss of functionality but also of the aesthetic value of the investment, the glass shower cabins meet these needs, being resistant, durable, specially conceived for spaces with high humidity, providing adequate hygiene to a space as important as a bathroom.

We are constantly trying to keep us up-to-date with the most innovative and functional solutions of interior design. As customization is required according to the customer’ s demand, in terms of location, shares and utility, we have come up with the solution of hinges that do not require cutting and allow the incorporation of 6 mmglass.

The applied hinges are ideal as well for closing bathtubs and shower trays, maintaining the water inside them.

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